Help 10 Girls from Akola reach the USA & Participate in FLL Robotic World Championship
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Dear Well Wishers, This is to inform to all of you that World championship which was about to happen in USA where Manutai School Akola girls was going to take part has cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic across the world. Thank you for your kind support, Donated funds can be used for the better future of girls if you allow it and if you want refund of same, Please send your account details to initiate the refund.

Thank you for your kind support and Warm regards

Amol D. Sainwar

To celebrate Women's Day 2020, we at The Better India are trying to help 10 talented girls from a remote village of Maharashtra to reach the USA & participate in the First Lego League Robotic World Championship.

The girls' team known as 'Manutai Kits Angels', from Manutai Kanya School in Akola, Maharashtra have recently won the opportunity to represent India at the FIRST World Championship in Detroit, MI, USA, by winning the Champions Award at the FIRST Lego League (FLL), India-West National Competition that was held in Mumbai. The team also won the Core Values-Team Work Award, and their mentor, Kajal Rajvaidya won the Best Mentors Award.

Akola Village is a farming community in Maharashtra, approximately 600km N-E of Mumbai. All the team members are from underprivileged backgrounds and are in need of funding for their travel, to participate in the World Championship. It will be a dream come true for these girls.

About Manutai Kanya School
Manutai Kanya School is run by 'Ladies Homeclass Society, Akola', a trust founded by Late Manutai Bapat in 1911 to encourage women's education. It was the first girls' school in Vidarbha. The school does not charge any fees and girls from weaker sections of the society come here to fulfill their dreams.

About Kajal Rajvaidya - Mentor of Manutai KITS Angels
Kajal Rajvaidya is an alumna of Manutai Kanya School. Overcoming many hardships, she has managed to mark a place for herself in the tech-world. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Kajal Innovation and Technical Solutions (KITS).

Below are the brief information of Girls:

Sanika Kale (village: Akoli khurd)
Father : unable to work because of his fractured leg, Mother: labor at farm Total 3 siblings Monthly income: 4000/-

Gayatri Taware (village: Bhaurad).
Father: labor Mother: housewife Total 2 siblings Monthly income: 7000/-

Ruchika Mundale (village: Ridhora)
Father: farmer
Mother: labor at farm Total 2 siblings Farm land: 3 acre.

Pranali Ingle (village: somthana)
Father: labor Mother: office keeper Monthly income: 8000/-

Nikita Vasatkar (village: Ridhora)
Father & mother: labor at farm total 3 siblings monthly Income: 7000/-

Pooja Fursule (village: Akoli bujruk)
Father: conductor at private bus Mother: house wife Total 3 girl Childs Monthly income: 10000/-

Snehal Gavai (akola bypass)
Father: labor Mother: house wife Total 3 siblings Monthly income: 7500/-

Arpita langote (village: Ridhora)
Father and mother: labor at farm Total 3 siblings Monthly income: 5000/-

Ankita vajire (village: bhod)
Father: farmer Mother: labor at farm Total 2 siblings Farm land: 10 acr

Sayali wakode (village: Ridhora)
Father and mother: labor at farm Total 3 siblings Monthly income: 5000/-

Your Donation will help them with -
1. Passport and Visa Expenses : Rs. 2,60,000/-
2. Flight tickets : Rs. 8,60,000/-
3. Stay and food for 7 days : Rs. 5,85,000/
4. Clothing : Rs. 50,000/-


Anonymous: "All the best n make the india rocks"
Sanjit Mishra: "Best of Luck to young Talents"
Mahesh Churi: "Good Initiative"
Tejas: "Best wishes This is my small contribution"
Saitama: "Go Kill it Girls Best of Luck"
Anshu Verma: "All the best girls make India proud"
Mili Deo: "All the best"
Ajay Kumar Mishra : "Good Luck Make India Proud"
Manvendra singh: "God bless them"
Uma: "Use robotics knowledge to save women time and let them be more financially productive"
Vaishnavi P Narwade: "Donation"
Atharva Kalawar: "Make India proud"
Gourav Gajanan Rathod: "Donetion"
Shipu Gupta: "Best of luck for all girl"
Bhunesh Sahu: "God bless u all"
surabhi : "all the best girls"
Utkarsh: "Thnks kajal man"
Vashistha Narayan Pandey: "मेहनत रंग लाती है"
Atul Kumar: "All the best girl go and rock the world the universe is yours"
Start Date 29-Feb-2020
Location Thane
Total Target Rs1,750,000.00
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Manvendra singh Rs500.00 08-Mar-2020
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Uma Rs500.00 07-Mar-2020
Vaishnavi P Narwade Rs100.00 07-Mar-2020
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SHASHANT Rs5,000.00 06-Mar-2020
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