Fundraiser for 500 School bags to kids of our farmers
Shivprabha Charitable Trust
Rs2,600.00 Fundraiser Target Rs100,000.00
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Every child is entitled to an Education in India, but unfortunately, not every child is getting quality education.
Majority of Indian children use government-run free schools as a medium of education. These children come from poorest of the poor families and are mostly underprivileged kids and kids of farmers. Their family income does not allow them to cater to a budget for their child's education. Their stories reveal how education has become a privilege.

COVID-19 has thrown up a new set of challenges to farmers in the country. The lockdown has not only impacted the pace of harvesting but has also left farmers with challenges in procuring seeds till marketing the produce. The Pandemic has disturbed farming a lot and subsequently the crop situation of farmers in Vidarbha and Marathwada region in Maharashtra has deteriorated. The successive years of erratic weather and failed crops have further disrupted their children?s education.

Despite of many efforts towards right to education few things like school bags, notebooks, shoes and socks are not being provided by the Government. Due to this majority of the children studying in government schools do not have basic amenities which motivate them to go to school. Student?s do not go to school due to non-availability of these small items. Something as simple as a school bag is out of reach for most children. We may remember our childhood when we used to go school with backpacks on our shoulders, holding a little umbrella or water bottle in our hands. But there are children who are deprived of all these material facilities required for their studies. We decided to help these students by donating them school bags. Extending a helping hand to hundreds of students who are deprived of basic need for their education.

We at Shivprabha have taken an initiative towards providing 500 School bags costing Rs 200/- per bag to kids of our farmers to keep their primary education going on. To support this initiative a total amount of Rs 1,00,000 would be required. The objective is to encourage every child to take the first step towards school. One schoolbag will have the power to keep a child in school. You can change a child?s life and gift them a better future. Let?s come together to ensure they continue their education.

Creating better educational facilities for under privileged kids is an arduous task because there is a scarcity of resources, so can we all join the hands to support and motivate these young minds to ignite and go to school with a bag on their shoulder and a smile on their face? With your support and help we can raise Rs 1,00,000 to help these kids escape the vicious cycle of poverty by taking a step towards education. I like to contribute 2K for School Bags Activity.

Your support matters.

Thanks and Regards.
Team Shivprabha


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Start Date 12-Mar-2021
Location Thane
Total Target Rs100,000.00
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Pankaj Tuptewar Rs600.00 14-Mar-2021
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