Fund Raiser for Grocery kit to Underprivileged Class During 2nd Wave of COVID 19 Pandemic - Pokharan
Shivprabha Charitable Trust
Rs63,353.00 Fundraiser Target Rs500,000.00
About This Fundraiser

In this 2nd wave of Covid 19 Pandemic period which has affected the entire world, our heart goes to everyone suffering because of this epidemic, especially to those daily wage earners, small business owners, labourers and farmers. Now many do not have the privilege of enduring a lockdown without severe consequences for their livelihood.

For these underprivileged class, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh - Pokharan Nagar, Thane in coordination with Shivprabha Charitable Trust decided to distribute the grocery kit containing essential items of primary daily requirement.

The list suggested is as below.
- 4 Kg rice
- 1kg Toor or Moong dal
- 500 gm sugar
- 250 gm Tea powder
- 1 kg salt
- 500 gm beans
- 1 ltr oil
- 2 No. Cloth Soaps
- 2 Nos. Bath soaps
- 250 gm Mirachi Powder

Approximate cost of this kit is Rs. 500.

Interested Swayamsevak's are requested to contribute for said grocery kits. Once you contribute 80 G receipt will be mailed on your email Id.

Thank you for your kind support.

Team RSS
- Pokharan Nagar, Thane


Dr Kelkar: "Thank you"
R D Kolhatkar: "हार्दिक शुभेच्छा"
पंकज: "शुभम् भवतु "
Rajendrasingh Chouhan: "Little donation to help needy people "
Gaurri S Kulkarnii: "Small contribution "
Shankar Kavathekar: "Small help from me"
S. P.: "Keep up the good work Thank you"
Anirudh Deshpande: "Small help"
Anorag: "Happy to support needy people at this difficult time"
Mangesh: "Thanks"
Ganesh Shivraj Deshpande: "आपल्या देशातील लोकांना मदत हाच आनंद अश्विनी देशपांडे"
Start Date 04-May-2021
Location Thane
Total Target Rs500,000.00
Category Non-profit organization
Dr Kelkar Rs751.00 09-May-2021
R D Kolhatkar Rs3,001.00 09-May-2021
Sadashiv Gobre Rs1,000.00 09-May-2021
Sunil Deshmukh Rs500.00 08-May-2021
Asavari Rs1,000.00 07-May-2021
Abhijit Rs4,000.00 07-May-2021
Ashish kulkarni Rs2,500.00 07-May-2021
Dr. Shanta Haridas Rs5,000.00 06-May-2021
Anonymous Rs500.00 06-May-2021
Samir Kotwal Rs10,000.00 06-May-2021
पंकज Rs10,000.00 06-May-2021
Rajendrasingh Chouhan Rs2,500.00 06-May-2021
Gaurri S Kulkarnii Rs10,000.00 06-May-2021
Narendra Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
K K Mitawalkar Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
Shankar Kavathekar Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
S. P. Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
Prakash Kanade Rs100.00 06-May-2021
Milind Karve Rs5,000.00 06-May-2021
Anirudh Deshpande Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
Anorag Rs1,000.00 06-May-2021
Mangesh Rs501.00 06-May-2021
Ganesh Shivraj Deshpande Rs1,000.00 05-May-2021
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