Help Unnati for Liver Transplant
Shivprabha Charitable Trust
Rs17,948.00 Fundraiser Target Rs600,000.00
About This Fundraiser

At times when your child is sick or suffering from an illness all you want is some words of encouragement, prayers and a lot of monetary help.

Prabhakar Manohar Gawande Age 31, a driver who barely earns Rs. 15K a month and now due to Covid it is drastically came down. He lives with his wife Deepali Gawande age 25 and Daughter Unnati Gawande 6 years and very sick Avanti Gawande aged two years.

Unnati is diagnosed to have Wilson?s disease and need a Liver Transplant and can be done at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune, where the cost is 16 lakhs.

They have already raised 10 lakhs from PM fund, CM Fund and Hospital Trusts. They are still short of 6 Lakhs. They need help as the operation, can only be completed when the full funding is available.

Lets try to help her with whatever best we can do. I like to contribute 2K for Unnati and request you all to join us.

Regards Team


Niraj Makhe: "Get well soon Unnathi"
Gourav Gajanan Rathod: "Help Unnati for Liver Transplant"
Gourav Gajanan Rathod: "Help Unnati for Liver Transplant"
Aditya Pallewar: "Get well soon"
Anonymous: "Wish Her a speedy recovery "
Mahesh N Padamwar: "God bless you"
GORAKH KHARAT: "Get well soon"
Sitharam: "God pls help for successful operation"
Avadhut Narayan Wankhede: "Good"
Gourav Gajanan Rathod: "Help for Unnati"

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Start Date 25-Aug-2021
Location Thane
Total Target Rs600,000.00
Category Non-profit organization
Anonymous Rs100.00 08-Sep-2021
Vaibhav Gogulwar Rs2,000.00 05-Sep-2021
Niraj Makhe Rs1,000.00 31-Aug-2021
Gourav Gajanan Rathod Rs777.00 29-Aug-2021
Gourav Gajanan Rathod Rs500.00 29-Aug-2021
Bhagyashree Kodgire Rs500.00 29-Aug-2021
Umesh Santosh Punde Rs100.00 29-Aug-2021
Sanket Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Ansari Meraj Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Rajeev Jain Rs1,000.00 28-Aug-2021
Uday Punde Rs2,121.00 28-Aug-2021
Aatmaram Jadhav Rs500.00 27-Aug-2021
Bramhanand jadhai Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Anonymous Rs500.00 28-Aug-2021
Aditya Pallewar Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
SWAPNIL Suresh ROKADE Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Prasad Chaudhari Rs500.00 28-Aug-2021
Anonymous Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Ashish Vyawahare Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Kanhaiya Bhandari Rs1,000.00 28-Aug-2021
Tejas Dhawandkar Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Ashirwad S Vyawahare Rs1,000.00 28-Aug-2021
Rohan Bhagwat Rs500.00 28-Aug-2021
Tejas Vilas Bahadure Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Anonymous Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Anonymous Rs500.00 28-Aug-2021
Prabhavati arvind suryavanshi Rs100.00 28-Aug-2021
Mahesh N Padamwar Rs500.00 27-Aug-2021
GORAKH KHARAT Rs100.00 27-Aug-2021
Santosh Namdev Mirashe Rs50.00 27-Aug-2021
Arvind Suryawanshi Rs500.00 27-Aug-2021
Vaishnavi Narwade Rs100.00 27-Aug-2021
Sitharam Rs1,000.00 27-Aug-2021
Avadhut Narayan Wankhede Rs1,000.00 27-Aug-2021
Gourav Gajanan Rathod Rs1,000.00 27-Aug-2021
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