Lets Help Convert Whole Village into a Big Mathematics School
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This new year, we are sharing the real life story of a young engineer- Akshay Wakudkar, who has gone back to his village and driving a project to remove the fear of mathematics from the mind of rural school going kids.

Akshay and his friends are going to small villages of population 2000 to 5000 people , taking permission from the Gram Panchayat and are painting 40-50 walls at strategic locations with Mathematics formulae (Well/Playground/ Chaupal/ Marketplace etc ) in those villages.

These locations are selected in such a way that school going kids will pass thru them at least 4-5 times a day and hence the kids will read these Mathematics formulae unintentionally multiple times every day. The experiment is done in some villages in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra and is also noticed by BBC.

Painting Maths formulae all over the village is creating a "Mahaul" for education in that village, as instead of villagers going to a school, the entire village is becoming a big school.

Teachers are observing that the kids are remembering these formulas very easily and the fear of Maths is going away from the minds of these rural kids.

Another benefit is that villagers are trying to keep the area around these walls cleaner, thus increasing the cleanliness of the village.

Painting 40 walls in 1 village requires funds of Rs. 5000/- towards paint & labour cost. Team Shivprabha is trying to give power to this project of painting Maths Formulas in multiple villages and need help from you.

You are requested to
1) Donate only Rs. 500/- for this project by clicking the below secure payment link and
2) What'sapp this message to atleast 3 close friends with a request to help the cause.
3) Also post this message on your Facebook page by tagging 3 of your friends to do the same.

Team Shivprabha


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Start Date 01-Jan-2021
Location Thane
Total Target Rs100,000.00
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