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Shivprabha Charitable Trust
Rs110,000.00 Fundraiser Target Rs4,500,000.00
About This Fundraiser

One of our Swayamsevak Shri Venkatesh Kulkarni aged 45 is suffering from a rare type of Blood cancer.

Venkatesh is a marketing professional in a private firm, much loved all round ? be it family, friends or work place ? for his philanthropy and kindness towards all, especially the needy. Enjoys playing cricket, is a god loving person and believes in doing good.

He has been diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) T-Cell type cancer, very few cases have been documented worldwide, 1 in 2 Lakh people get this. The word "acute" in ALL means the disease progresses rapidly.

Venkatesh is undergoing intensive & expensive Chemotherapy at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Doctors have advised Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) must be done in the next month. Fortunately, donors have been identified as close match but being international the BMT costs are high, estimated at Rs 75/80 Lakhs.

Family is falling short by Rs 45 lakhs for the BMT procedure...

Venktesh has a wife and a 5-year-old daughter in his family

My appeal is to all Swayamsevaks of Bandhu. Please come forward and contribute whatever best we can then definitely we can reach shortfall of funds by family.

I like to contribute Rs. 3K and request you all to look into it and join us.
Regards Team Shivprabha


Anonymous: "Get well soon"
Anon: "This too will pass"
Anonymous: "लवकर बरे व्हा 🙂"
Shiva: "We are with you"
Kiran Kumar Mitawalkar: "Wishing venkatesh speedy recovery "
Sudhirr kulkarni: "Get well soon"
SURESH BABU SAGARAM: "Get well soon shakha is waiting for you"
Ninad Date: "Wish you a Speedy recovery"
Vinay: "Fight it"
Bhalchandra Joshi: "Get well soon"
Santosh D. Jaiswal: "Get Well Soon"
Vrushank: "व्यंकटेशजी लवकरात लवकर बरे व्हाल"
Ashish Vats: "🙏"
Sameer Raje: "Hare Krishna Loving mercy of Shri Krishna will defnitely help you Prabhu"
Gaurang Ravindra Mondkar: "संघ के स्वयंसेवकोंकी प्रार्थना आपकेसाथ हमेशा रहेगी। आप जल्दही अच्छे हो जायेंगे।"
Mangesh Khisty: "Bhagwan will take care"
Laxmi narayan paliwal: "हम सभी की प्रार्थना भगवान सुनेंगे और आप जल्दी ही स्वस्थ होंगे"
Pravin Bhalerao: "All our prayers for his full recovery "
Anirudh Deshpande: "Small help"
Hemant Oke : "Venkatesh is going to come out of this hail and healthy All our prayers to God will get him out from this"
Amol Sainwar: "Best wishes Venkatesh Ji"
Start Date 20-May-2022
Location Thane
Total Target Rs4,500,000.00
Category Non-profit organization
Sudhir Mahajan Rs1,000.00 29-May-2022
Sunil Deshmukh Rs5,000.00 29-May-2022
Abhijit Datar Rs5,000.00 21-May-2022
Prakash Rane Rs2,000.00 22-May-2022
Samrat Ghosh Rs1,500.00 22-May-2022
Ganesh Deshpande Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Milind Vaidya Rs2,000.00 22-May-2022
Narayan Bhandari Rs3,000.00 21-May-2022
Kumar Sharav Rs2,000.00 21-May-2022
Anonymous Rs500.00 25-May-2022
Anon Rs1,000.00 24-May-2022
Anon Rs1,000.00 24-May-2022
Anonymous Rs2,500.00 24-May-2022
Makarand Sabnis Rs1,000.00 24-May-2022
Shiva Rs5,000.00 23-May-2022
Milind Kulkarni Rs1,000.00 23-May-2022
Vaibhav Khandekar Rs5,000.00 23-May-2022
Jayant Bhimanwar Rs2,500.00 23-May-2022
Kiran Kumar Mitawalkar Rs1,000.00 23-May-2022
Sudhirr kulkarni Rs1,000.00 23-May-2022
SURESH BABU SAGARAM Rs1,000.00 23-May-2022
Shankar Kavathekar Rs1,000.00 23-May-2022
ANON Rs25,000.00 22-May-2022
Anonymous Rs5,000.00 22-May-2022
Ninad Date Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Vinay Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Bhalchandra Joshi Rs5,000.00 22-May-2022
Santosh D. Jaiswal Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Vrushank Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Ashish Vats Rs5,000.00 22-May-2022
Anonymous Rs1,000.00 22-May-2022
Sameer Raje Rs500.00 22-May-2022
Gaurang Ravindra Mondkar Rs2,000.00 22-May-2022
Mangesh Khisty Rs1,000.00 21-May-2022
Laxmi narayan paliwal Rs1,000.00 21-May-2022
Pravin Bhalerao Rs1,000.00 21-May-2022
Anirudh Deshpande Rs2,500.00 21-May-2022
Vijay Bhagwat Rs1,000.00 21-May-2022
DEVENDRA Rs1,000.00 21-May-2022
Amey Vaze Rs2,000.00 21-May-2022
Hemant Oke Rs2,000.00 21-May-2022
Amol Sainwar Rs3,000.00 21-May-2022
Sachin Rs2,000.00 21-May-2022
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