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Cataract is the biggest reason for vision loss or blindness in the world, attacking the old and dependent population, which makes it more serious. Every year the state of Maharashtra targets over 400k operations to completely irradiate cataract caused blindness, and sadly has never achieved it completely!

In an article dated to 25th April 2022, The Times of India says.. In 2021, the states target was reduced to 2 lakh due to the outbreak of the pandemic. However, only 67,655 surgeries were performed in Maharashtra. It means that many from rural areas remained undiagnosed and deprived of cataract operations. If untreated, cataracts eventually cause total blindness. So, thousands of people could turn blind in the next few months.

With the mission of healing as many people as possible for cataract, and making not just Maharashtra, but India, cataract free, we at Lions eye hospital are treating cataract patients at affordable prices for those who can afford, and completely free for those under BPL.
With almost 11 years in the service, we have successfully conducted over 9 lakh OPDs and 69 thousand cataract operations, amongst which 13,777 were free of cost.

We are an organisation recognized and appreciated by many well respected and trusted people in the society, from our district commissioners, IPS officers to district governors. And have received love and support from our patients and supporters in this journey
We are majorly a donation depended and a charitable organisation, Reaching a milestone like that, was impossible without financial support and encouragement from our fellow supporters, But currently, for us the times have become harder, post pandemic. We are in urgent need of funds to sustain and treat patients consistently.
We appreciate each donation! Donate with pride.


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